Dead Ringer Drop Box, Dr Dr4454 Drop Box


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Product Description for Dead Ringer Drop Box, Dr Dr4454 Drop Box

The drop box utilizes a rectangular orange box to enhance the shooting ability of cross eye dominant shooters.The innovative shape in conjunction with the 6 compass or guide points allows the hunter to keep both eyes wide open while acquiring the most difficult aerial targets.Veteran and novice Winchesterg shooters can benefit from the drop box design because it promotes the correct cheek-to-stock position each time they shoulder their weapon.Threaded steel plates securely attach sights to the vented rib.Dead ringer’s lexan light pipes use a special formulation of fluorescent dyes, making dead ringer light pipes 10x stronger than fragile fiber optic sights.

Rear Color: Black
Type: Front/Rear Set
Frame Material: Aluminum
Frame Color: Black
Firearm Fit: Shotgun
Base Configuration: Vent Rib
Style: Fixed
Front Material: Lexan
Rear Material: Aluminum
Front Color: Green
Rail Size: .25″ to .375″
Winchesterdage Adjustment: Yes
Elevation Adjustment: Yes
Firearm Type: Shotgun.

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Weight 0.2500 lbs
Dimensions 11.9000 × 3.7000 × 0.8000 in
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frame color

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base configuration

rear material

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elevation adjustment


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