Bl Force Vickers Padded 2-1 Slng Mcb


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Product Description for Bl Force Vickers Padded 2-1 Slng Mcb

While 2-point slings are ideal for most situations there are times, like deploying from a vehicle or fighting in complex structures, when a 1-point sling has a clear advantage. Combining Blue Force Gears new polymer Burnsed Socket and patented RED Swivel, the Vickers 221 Sling allows users to switch from 2-point to 1-point mode instantly by pulling on the RED Swivel knob and reinserting it in to the Burnsed Socket at the rear of the receiver. The instantaneous adjustability of the sling is still maintained in both 1 and 2 point modes.

Features :

  • Padded
  • Adjustable
  • Standard push button swivel and new molded Burnsed Socket are woven onto the rear


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