Have ever ever lived in as life threatening or chaotic times as we do now?

Three major issues that our country is currently facing are a global pandemic, mass rioting and looting in major cities from civil unrest, and a significant economic recession even worse than the last one that struck in 2008.

What would happen if things got even worse? What if the grid went down and society collapsed and people began turning on one another?

It’s a fact that most homes in America are incredibly easy to break into, but yours doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are the top home defense measures that you need to make right now:

Fortify The Windows

Glass windows are extremely simple to break through. All an intruder needs is a rifle stock or a rock and it’s over.

The best course of action to take right now will be to replace all glass windows with Acrylic glass, which looks just like normal glass but is much more difficult to break through.

Fortify The Doors

The next easiest part of the home to break into are the doors, and should therefore be the part of your house that you fortify next. If possible, consider replacing all doors leading outside with metal doors, so they can not be so easily broken through. Wooden doors can be broken down by a determined intruder with an axe or sledgehammer, or otherwise they can be shot through. Metal doors will offer much greater durability and resistance.

In addition, replace all the locks and hinges with heavy duty alternatives. Heavy duty 360 steel should be your top choice.

Don’t forget to reinforce your sliding doors as well, which are very easy for any determined intruder to break through. Go with a security bar to prevent the door from being forced open. As noted before, replace the glass with acrylic glass.

Invest In A Fence/Wall and Defensive Materials

Ideally, you can keep intruders outside of your property area and not just outside of your house. This will be especially important in a major grid down disaster. At the very least, you need the materials on hand to build a barrier during an SHTF grid down disaster.

Specifically, invest in barbed wire, fence posts, flat pieces of plywood, and nails. If you already have a fence around your home now, leave it be as with any other house. But when the grid collapses, wrap the barbed wire around the fence for added protection. Then, drive the nails through the flat pieces of plywood and turn them upside down behind the barbed wire fencing.

If you don’t have a fence around your house now, that’s okay. When the grid does down you can drive tall 6-foot stakes into the ground and then stretch the barbed wire between them.

Buy Sandbags

Sandbags are something else you should have on hand in your basement or garage for a major grid down disaster. You can store the bags and sand separately for convenience and then easily fill them up when the time comes.

When disaster strikes and the grid does down, fill up the bags with the sand and then place them behind the doors and the windows. The bags can board up the doors and also shield you from incoming gunfire. As overly dramatic as it may sound now, sandbags can be a godsend during a major SHTF gird down disaster.

Set Up Security Cameras

Security cameras can be very expensive to set up, but the good news is that you can have fake but realistic looking cameras set up as well that could keep intruders at bay. At the very least, an intruder who sees cameras on the property will think twice about setting foot on it and could move onto the next house down the road.

Build Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are intended to detect intruders so you are alerted to their presence before tings get worse. The last thing you want is to be caught surprised by a burglar or intruder who has already broken into your home.

The good news is that alarm systems are not terribly expensive and you have multiple options as well. For example, you can have a CCTV system installed to your home that will automatically call your phone each time your door bell rings.

A more primitive option is to fill up aluminum soda or beer can s with small pebbles and then attach them to your outside fence. When the fence is disturbed, the cans will rattle and you will become alerted.

Yet another choice is to place bells on a ribbon or string, and then hang these around the door knobs on the inside. When the doors are opened, the bells will ring.

Build A Safe Room

When all else fails, you can always fall back to your safe room. Your safe room is literally a last resort room that you can retire too if the rest of your home is conquered.

The safe room should be hidden, have enough food and water to last for a minimum of three days, be large enough for your family to sleep in, and preferably be protected against a fire or loss of power as well.

Buy A Defensive Gun

Buy a gun if you haven’t already, or buy a defensive gun if you don’t yet own a gun that is suitable for defense. A handgun will be the best choice for a first gun because it is small, portable, easily concealed, and easily maneuverable. And above all, receive training and learn how to use and operate it.

Ultimately, a firearm is one of the the best tools you can have as part of your home defense system.


The above defensive measures may not turn your house into an impenetrable fortress, but they will make it significantly more difficult to breach. Considering the fact that most homes are not easily defensible, the above actions will do much to intimidate or stop any looters or burglars who come your way.

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