EOTech Holographic Red Dot sights have long been a favorite among door-kickers and pipe-hitters for various reasons. The EOTech HWS’s are sealed internally making them more resistant to fog and giving them the capability to perform in all types of weather. They have unlimited eye relief, a wide field of view due to the rectangular window that the reticle is projected on. If the sun is shining bright, it doesn’t matter with the EOTech HWS optics. They don’t suffer from “washout” problems. Some models run CR123’s or 3V batteries, while some can even run AA’s. This is great news for the average shooter or prepper who want high end optics without having to take out a second mortgage to get a box of batteries when you want to run your optics.

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EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight Reticles

EOTech HWS’s also have a variety of reticle patterns available for the shooter. There is the “Zero-Reticle” model which is the most common circle dot type you will see. The “Two-Reticle” or “2-Dot Reticle” is the one that features what its name implies, a 2-dot reticle instead of the previously mentioned “zero-dot” model. The two-dot model gives additional aiming options, but not as many as the next model. There is also a “Four-Reticle” or “Four-Dot Reticle” that sports four dots in the circle for maximum aiming options. And finally, there are many other reticles that are set up for .300, .308, and .303 caliber firearms. These are a little rarer and more specialized, but still EOTech quality nonetheless.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight- Night Vision Capable

Another distinct advantage of the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight systems is that the Night Vision compatible models are built with the operator in mind. They have multiple brightness setting for NV mode and the circle dot reticle remains clear no matter what the eye relief or night vision device being used. The night vision capable models also boast near perfect stealth for the operator/end user. Due to the way the EOTech HWS is designed, only the shooter can see the reticle and the “light” created by it. The circle dot reticle is unable to be seen by the enemy, even if the enemy has their own night vision capability. Some of the models we talk about below are NV compatible and will be highlighted in their descriptions.

EOTech XPS Holographic Sights

The EOTech HWS XPS lineup has a few features that set it apart from the EXPS line up. The XPS line comes in Black, Tan, OD, and Grey colors. The XPS line has its buttons situated in the rear of the sight so it can be operated quickly when not used in conjunction with an EOTech Magnifier. The XPS models operate with just 1x (one) CR123 battery and give the operator 1000 hours of use at a nominal setting… although temperature can make battery performance vary wildly. But that happens in any piece of equipment that uses batteries. In addition to the aforementioned features, the XPS line up is also capable of an “Absolute Co-Witness” mount in conjunction with iron sights. And finally, the XPS models have more reticle options that any of the other EOTech sights. Here are a few examples of the XPS lineup

EOTech XPS2-0

The EOTech XPS2-0 HWS is one of the many EOTech sights that grabs attention right away. It is the lightest weight and smallest profile of the EOTech sights, runs on one CR123 batteries, has 20 brightness settings, and a QD Mount. As in many EOTech sights, the red dot is a 1 MOA size, and the circle is 65 MOA allowing for multiple aiming options in the field. It is a true RED Dot, its only 3.8” inches long overall, and weighs in at just 9oz. The EOTech Holographic XPS2-0GRN sight, on the other hand, runs a GREEN circle dot reticle with a 68MOA circle and a 1MOA dot, and features a Mil-Spec 1913 or Weaver rail mount option. It also weighs in at 9oz and has an overall length of 3.8” inches. Not bad.  

EOTech XPS2-2

What about the EOTech XPS2-2 sight though? What’s the difference? Well, the XPS2-2 has all the features of the XPS2-1, but has the Circle 2-Dot sight system that is meant for longer-range shooting purposes, and when complimented with a magnifier, it provides the shooter a wider capability set. Another difference is that the XPS2-2 comes with the Mil-Spec 1913 or 1” inch Weaver rail mount instead of the QD mount that the XPS2-1 comes with. The XPS2-2 maintains the 20 brightness settings, the CR123 Battery configuration, and of course, like all EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights, it’s made in the USA.

EOTech XPS3-0 & XPS3-2

The EOTech XPS3 Holographic sight models take it a step further with the same features as the XPS2-1, with a few distinct important differences. They have 30 brightness settings including 10 for Night Vision. They are compatible with Gen I-III+ Night Vision Optics. They run the Mil-Spec 1913 or Weaver rail mount instead of the QD mount as well. The XPS3 line also has the XPS3-2 model that features the Circle 2-Dot reticle.

EOTech EXPS Holographic Sights

The EOTech HWS EXPS lineup also separates itself from the XPS line up with some key features. The EXPS line simply comes in Black and Tan only. The EXPS line is ideally designed for use with the EOTech Magnifiers. This is because the buttons that control the EXPS models are on the side, rather than on the back like the XPS sights. The EXPS models need only 1x (one) CR123 battery. That one CR123 battery provides the shooter with 1000 hours of nominal setting usage. But keep in mind that low temperatures can make battery performance swing wildly in any piece of electronic gear.

The EXPS sights offer a “Lower 1/3rd Co-Witness” option when mounted with back up iron sights in place on the weapon. In conclusion, the EXPS models have three (3) solid reticle options, the normal Circle Dot, the Circle 2-Dot, and the Circle 4-Dot. Combined with the EOTech Magnifiers, you can see the utility and ease of use that the EXPS side mounted buttons provide for the shooter. Here are a couple examples of the EXPS product line. 

EOTech EXPS2 Line

Now we are moving on to the EXPS2-0 and the EXPS2-2 Holographic sights from the EXPS line up. The EOTech Holographic EXPS2-0 sight has the usual Red circle dot reticle with a 1MOA dot and the 68MOA circle, and has the QD Lever for a Mil-Spec 1913 or 1” inch Weaver rail mount. Whereas the EXPS2-2 does not come with a QD lever, it does come with a 68MOA circle and a 2-Dot reticle, each with a 1MOA dot. This 2-Dot reticle setup gives the shooter options for 7 yards, 50, 200, and 500 yards. All of the EXPS sights run on CR123’s or 3V batteries, weigh in at 9oz and have an overall length of 3.8” inches. They have 20 brightness settings as well, but they are not Night Vision Device compatible. These EOTech sights have the advantage of side-mounted buttons, so using them with a magnifier is much easier. There is also an EXPS2-0GRN model available with a wicked looking Green Circle Dot reticle.

EOTech EXPS3 Line

With the EOTech HWS EXPS3-0 in the mix, you can expect some awesome options, like the EXPS2-0. The EXPS3 line has the signature EOTech Red circle dot reticle with a 68MOA circle and 1MOA dot inside. The EXPS3’s also have the QD Lever for rapid  Mil-Spec 1913 or 1” inch Weaver rail mounting. The EXPS3’s feature Night Vision capability with 10 brightness settings for Gen I-III+ NVD’s and side-mounted buttons for easier magnifier or NV optics mounting. Just like the EXPS2 line, the EXPS3 line has the EXPS3-0 with the Circle Dot reticle, the EXPS3-2 with the Circle 2-Dot reticle, and the EXPS3-4 with the Circle 4-Dot reticle. The Circle Dot and Circle 2-Dot have the same ranging capabilities described above. The EXPS3-4 with its Circle 4-Dot reticle offers the shooter even more options with 50 & 200 yard, 400, 500, and 600-yard dots calibrated with run with a 62gr 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington rounds out of a 14.5” barrel. The EXPS3 line comes in Black or Tan.

EOTech 5-Series Holographic Sights

EOTech 5-Series Holographic Sights are also unique in the plethora of red dot sight options offered by EOTech. One of the most sought after features of the 5-Series of sights is their capability of utilizing low-cost, readily available AA batteries. EOTech says you only need 2 of them for the 5-Series sights, and you can use Lithium or Alkaline. These batteries allow the 5-Series sights to last 2200-2500 hours on nominal settings, depending on which type of battery you choose. It has Night Vision capable models as well, just like the XPS and EXPS models. The 5-Series also has both co-witness options, “Lower 1/3rd” and “Absolute”. They also have both side-mounted and rear-mounted button configurations available in the 5-Series Holographic sights. QD Lever models are available in this series, but they only come in Black for the case color option and Red for the reticle color option. To sum it up, the 5-Series has 4 reticle options, the regular Circle Dot, the Circle 2-Dot, the XR308 reticle, and the XBOW reticle HWS which is meant to mounted on a crossbow.

EOTech Magnifiers

The EOTech Magnifiers are a great addition to the Holographic Weapon Sights they offer. There are 3 types of these Magnifiers with 2 magnification options. They are set up for adapting to the magnification that the shooter needs. The EOTech Magnifiers come in 3x (three times) and 5x (five times) magnification. The EOTech G33 is 1x-3x magnification capable, works with ALL HWS models, comes in Tan and Black, and weighs in at just 10.6 oz., It’s easy to see why the G33 is the choice of USSOCOM. The EOTech G45 is 1x-5x magnification capable and weighs in at 12.8 oz. The EOTech G43 is the smaller 1x-3x magnifier and weighs just 11.3 oz. The G43 is known as the Miniaturized Magnifier. All 3 magnifiers are capable of rotating out of the way of the sights they magnify for rapid transition between CQB and ranged use.

EOTech Final Thoughts

The EOTech line is one of great quality, high end craftsmanship, USA made, designed, and manufactured products, and excellent performance in the field. All models come with Auto-Shutoff feature, have a NV capable model in their line up, and come ready to mount. The EOTech line doesn’t just consist of Red Dots, Green Dots, and Magnifiers in different colors, there are many other products in their line up.